Should You Take Control of Your Joint Pain Relief Naturally?

Imagine a future of natural joint pain relief. A drug-free future without drug side effects.

Wouldn't that be great?

And what if a natural arthritis joint pain supplement was guaranteed to be completely safe for your health?

You can have it all with the right natural supplementation products. I have, and you can, too. Your age doesn’t matter. Your specific area of arthritis joint pain doesn’t matter.

Whether you have knee pain, neck pain, hand pain, elbow pain, ankle pain, or hip pain, you can be helped specifically. I'm going to let you know how and why.

My husband and I both have osteoarthritis caused from joint injuries. Mine is neck arthritis that developed following a lateral whiplash injury. My husband’s is knee arthritis that developed following sports-related injuries.

I cannot ‘stomach’ drugs, literally, whether over-the-counter or prescription. I have a sensitive stomach, complicated by chemical sensitivity to many environmental factors. Trying to obtain joint pain relief with drugs became impossible for me.

This led me in many other “natural” directions for joint pain relief, including magnet therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic, copper necklaces and also herbal dietary supplements.

Ask your doctor for his opinion on natural supplements

Have you ever asked your doctor what he thought about natural joint pain relief products and his face screwed up in horror? My doctors have. Practically every time I've asked about natural health treatments for any reason.

Believe it or not, doctors do have your best interests in mind. They’re aware that natural alternative treatments can relieve pain from degenerative joint disease and degenerative arthritis, their concern is that natural and herbal joint pain remedies are virtually unregulated on the market.

This scares your doctor, and it should scare you, too. Doctors operate in an environment of the strictest control and efficacy. When they prescribe a drug for swollen joints or chronic joint pain, they can trust its preparation, compounding and effectiveness in the human body as determined by results of prior scientific studies.

Wouldn't it be great if you could find a natural dietary supplement company that operated as if it was being regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a manufacturer of drugs? A company that manufactures according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)--which the FDA requires for pharmaceutical companies but not for natural supplement companies.

Wouldn't it be great, and even more important, if the supplement company you found backed up its products with clinical testing--the critical issue.

Science and published clinical trials separate the wheat from the chaff

You'll know if you've really found a great supplement company, if a trail of clinical research and scientific studies lead to it. And if those studies include independent, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials based on finished products (not on the ingredients separately) published in refereed peer-reviewed medical journals (yes, the same ones that doctors read!).

You and your doctor don’t have to be scared. You can find such a company. You can have the best of both worlds, if you do your homework, and this site will help you with that.

The herbal dietary supplement company that my husband and I use for our joint pain relief has been in business for 50-plus years. It's known as the #1 natural nutrition company in the United States. It has invested more than $250 million in clinical testing, research and development and has over 90 published studies in peer-reviewed scientific journals-—more than any other nutritional company!

The new cGMPs of 2007 do not regulate supplement efficacy

The FDA announced its final rule on the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) in July, 2007 ending 13 years without regulation of the dietary supplement industry. Implementation of the new rules began for large companies June, 2008 and will be phased in by June, 2010.

In the meantime, small companies with less than 500 full time employees, and very small companies (less than 20 full time employees) remain unregulated.

However, don’t think Uncle Sam is taking care of you by the current cGMP’s—they still don’t regulate efficacy. The new regulations do not require pre-market testing of a natural joint pain relief product to prove its effectiveness. All a supplement manufacturer has to do is write a letter to the FDA telling them what they think the product will do.

Some experts warn that even if the ingredients are tested for purity, what good is that if they don’t produce the desired effect in the body. The new rules don’t require proof that a product works.

"Nothing here deals with the question of efficacy, which is a shame," said Dr. Jerry Avorn, chief of pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacoeconomics at Brigham and Women's Hospital. "Knowing you have pure and well-made useless crap is a little better than having impure useless crap, but not by much."

Testing of raw materials now regulated, but without standardization

The new regulations do require manufacturers to test the purity and composition of raw materials (can you believe they weren’t required to do that before?) to bring more strict control on quality and safety.

“This rule helps to ensure the quality of dietary supplements so that consumers can be confident that the products they purchase contain what is on the label,” FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach said in a statement.

But some industry critics say the new regulations don’t standardize material testing methods, leaving companies to arrive at their own system after notifying the FDA. The FDA doesn’t have the manpower to police the supplement industry.

The Wall Street Journal dated June 23, 2007 said: “Consumer advocates criticized the rules as too lax, saying they don’t specify how manufacturers should carry out the tests or adequately address safety problems posed by some supplements.”

The new regulation “is an example of better late than never,” said Sen. Richard Durbin, an Illinois Democrat. But he said the rules “do not appear to go as far as they could have.”

FDA recalls anti-inflammatory drugs

I wrote earlier that you or your doctor need not be scared by the dietary supplement industry. But what scares me is that the FDA isn’t the perfect answer for your doctor for prescription painkillers, either. Consider that the FDA approved three anti-inflammatory drugs, two of which (Vioxx and Bextra) are now off the market, and the third (Celebrex) has been hit by the FDA with tough heart-risk label warnings.

There are many natural alternatives to inflammatory joint pain relief that have been safely practiced around the world for generations. Some are natural vitamin sources, some are herbal relief sources.

Natural supplements can strengthen cartilage and joints resulting in improved flexibility, bone strength, and pain relief for the discomfort of degenerative disc disease. But can you trust that the raw material ingredients in today's natural products are really safe? Even the Arthritis Organization acknowledges that “Dietary supplements, herbs and other natural substances can be useful for arthritis, but you have to use them wisely.”

Here's how to find the right natural products for joint pain relief

There are five issues to resolve before deciding to try a natural alternative for joint pain relief:

  1. Does the natural joint pain product have a proven benefit? This is an integrity issue.
  2. Was the joint pain remedy made as naturally as possible. This is a safety and no-risk issue.
  3. Does the joint pain relief product have a proven quality?
  4. Is there scientific proof that what’s on the label is in the tablet?
  5. Are there clinical studies to show that what’s in the tablet gets into your bloodstream and has the intended effect?

Only one dietary supplement company has a 20-year landmark study

When investing in dietary supplements, consider it first as an investment in your health or the health of your loved one. This way, you won't want to waste your money on poorly formulated or synthetic supplements containing artificial colors, sweeteners, binders, and fillers that will not be readily absorbed into the bloodstream.

Instead, you'll want a high quality dietary supplement with ingredient purity, potency, and guaranteed efficacy that the body's cells will happily absorb.

There's only one natural supplement company that can claim a 20-year clinical dietary supplement landmark study on its consumers that verifies from blood samples that its supplement users retained normal levels of blood pressure, HDL, cholesterol, triglycerides, C-reactive protein and homocysteine.

The 2006 study was conducted in collaboration with researchers from the U.C. Berkeley School of Public Health, comparing one company's supplement users to people who took either no supplements or other brands of multivitamins from different companies. For details go to:

30 questions to find the best natural company for joint pain relief

Many years before the Landmark Study of 2006 in my search for the best supplement company, I devised 30 questions to ask when choosing a natural supplement company.

The answers had led me to this same company as they were the only one I found that met all 30 of the standards of excellence questions. They’ve been a trusted industry leader for more than 50 years.

In 2003, their science team designed three separate pain relief products that work synergistically or separately and my husband and I have successfully used these products for joint pain relief.

We’ve been very happy with their ability to relieve our arthritis symptoms without any side effects whatsoever. Pain and swelling has been reduced and at times eliminated. Stiffness has been replaced with improved flexibility of motion. Happily, we no longer use pain relief medication of any kind.

One of the products is a natural complex for joint pain relief, a second is a natural complex for joint health improvement, and the third is a natural pain relief rub that we think is the best found anywhere on the market. We use each daily and can’t imagine life without them! For expanded information on these three supplements, click on three natural pain relief products.

Recommended natural joint pain relief

Based on the science that is behind each product and our personal experience, I highly recommend this very effective and safe trio of products for joint pain relief.

Disclaimer: Health statements related to supplementation have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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