Centuries-Old Natural Stress Relief Herbs
Fight Modern Day Anxiety

Got stress? A natural stress relief supplement containing a blend of four all-natural ingredients enables your own body to reduce the effects of stress without using the “fad ingredient” kava. Certain chronic inflammatory diseases, like arthritis, which interfere with proper rest and mobility, also contribute to stress.

This safe, complex for stress relief helps relax the body and mind and promotes alertness while enhancing the body’s ability to adapt to stress. Its ingredient blend also helps blunt cortisol, a hormone produced during stress that affects long-term health.

It’s a stressful world.

When Americans need help for any kind of health issue, they typically turn to over the counter and prescription drugs. The downside of reliance on pharmaceuticals is their side effects. No drug is without side effects. In a chronically high stress environment, the longer one depends on drug therapies, the higher the risk of drug side effects and compromised health.

If you’re an American between the ages of 18 to 49, there's a 1-in-2 chance that you experience everyday stress. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 75-90% of all doctor visits are stress-related. It’s important to find a healthy way to deal with stress.

That’s why people seek a natural stress relief approach to help cope with the everyday stresses and anxieties of everyday life.

Formulated in 2002 by the leading dietary supplement company in America, this natural stress relief supplement, provides fast, natural relief in as little as 30 minutes. It enables the body to create the antibodies necessary to cope with prolonged stress. Of more significance, it contains no kava (the Food and Drug Administration [FDA] advised consumers March 25, 2002 of the risk of severe liver injury associated with the use of kava-containing dietary supplements).

Who will benefit from natural stress relief?

People who will benefit from this natural stress relief supplement include:

  • Working women with children _
  • Those whose jobs involve pressures such as public speaking or demanding deadlines _
  • Athletes, entertainers, or others in the public eye _
  • People experiencing increased stress due to recent economic or security concerns
  • People with chronic illnesses or diseases, such as arthritis, experience stress from their physical limitations heightened by sleep deprivation.

Stress supplement contains four natural stress relief ingredients

Beyond the thorough tests that every ingredient undergoes for purity, potency, and performance, there are several additional qualities that make this all-natural supplement superior to the competition on the market.

It has four clinically-proven natural stress relief ingredients, and does not include controversial kava:

  1. L-theanine (Camellia sinensis), a natural occurring amino acid found in green tea, helps generate alpha waves that creates a relaxed yet alert mental state.

  2. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), an Ayurvedic, centuries-old herb that enhances the body’s ability to adapt to stress.

  3. Beta-Stosterol, a natural plant sterol that helps blunt cortisol, a hormone produced during physical stress.

  4. L-tyrosine, an amino acid produced by the body to make more of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine, which is known to be depleted with stress.

  5. Contains no kava, which can produce unwanted drowsiness in addition to its potential liver damage cited by the FDA in 2002.

Scientific support for the ingredients in this natural stress relief product:

  • L-theanine. In one 1999 study with young women appearing in the October issue of Trends in Food Science and Technology L-theanine appeared to produce a relaxed and alert state by having the greatest impact on the intensity of alpha waves among the women categorized as high-anxiety responders. The study was by L.R. Juneja, et al, on L-theanine: A unique amino acid of green tea and its relaxation effect in humans

  • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera). Laboratory studies and centuries of safe use have demonstrated ashwagandha’s adaptogenic properties, including its ability to enhance performance during stress, according to study authors Archana R, and Namasivayam A. as reported in the 1999 Journal of Ethnopharmacology titled Antistressor effect of Withania somnifera.

  • Beta-Sitosterol. A 1999 study reported in Vol. 20 of the International Journal of Sports Medicine suggested that beta-sitosterol had a positive effect on immune function in marathon runners, in addition to blunting the subjects’ cortisol levels. The study by Boic, PJD et al., was published as The effects of B-sitosterol (BSS) and B-sitosterol glucoside (BSSG) mixture on selected immune parameters of marathon runners: Inhibition of post-marathon immune suppression and inflammation.

  • L-Tyrosine. In a number of human studies, fairly high intakes of the amino acid L-tyrosine were found to lessen the impact of environmental stressors such as extreme cold, loud noises, or sleep deprivation on the performance of subjects. Environmental conditions often lead to stress or anxiety. One study was reported in the journal Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, in 1994, by Shurtleff D, et al. as Tyrosine reverses a cold-induced working memory deficit in humans. Another study in 1994’s Brain Research Bulletin by Deijen JB, and Orlebeke JF, on Effect of tryosine on cognitive function and blood pressure under stress.

  • Featured manufacturer’s product study. On February 6, 2002, the natural stress relief supplement’s manufacturer reported on a 7-day double blind, placebo controlled trial of the product. In every category measured, more people taking the manufacturer’s stress relief supplement experienced benefits than those who consumed the placebo.

US consumer group names kava in "dirty dozen" dietary supplements

In its May, 2004 issue Consumer Reports exposed the “dirty dozen” dangerous dietary supplements Americans can easily buy over the counter or from the internet. At least five of the supplements, including kava, were already banned in Asia, Europe, or Canada—kava, a key ingredient in many natural stress relief formulations, was identified on the list as “very likely hazardous.” One of the twelve, aristolochic acid, was identified as a carcinogen.

Consumer Reports is published by the non-profit Consumers Union, which tests products (and services) with the goal of protecting the public through information and advocacy.

In addition to kava, others on the “very likely hazardous” list of natural ingredients were androstenedione, comfrey, chaparral, and germander. Supplement ingredients in the “likely hazardous” category included bitter orange, lobelia, organ/glandular extracts, pennyroyal oil, skullcap, and vohimbe.

The nutrition company I recommend has never used any of the “dirty dozen”

For over 50 years, generations of families have counted on the leading nutrition company that I use. They do what no other company does quite like them—make products that are naturally safe AND proven effective.

They have a long list of ingredients that they will never use in their products because their safety cannot be scientifically documented. Their self-imposed banned ingredient list already included all twelve of the so-called “dirty dozen” by Consumer Reports and is a much longer list than that!

Featured natural stress relief from the number one natural nutrition company

Because of lack of efficacy regulation by the FDA in the dietary supplement industry, a number of years ago I drafted a list of 30 questions concerning standards of excellence to help me measure different supplement makers of natural vitamins. I was searching for the best non-pharmaceutical products money could buy for the health of our family, and to be confident that they worked in the body.

The answers led me to a company, founded in 1956—a leader in the natural nutrition industry. The science behind each of their products is second to none. They’ve invested more than $250 million in clinical testing, research and development and have over 90 published studies in peer-reviewed scientific journals—more than any other nutritional company! This company has voluntarily operated as if it were regulated the same as a pharmaceutical company—a reflection of their integrity.

The active ingredients on all of their natural products’ labels are guaranteed for safety and efficacy. They guarantee product purity and potency remains intact from the manufacturing plant, to the warehouse, to your GI tract with every bottle they make.

If you can find any other manufacturer with a track record as impressive as this company you’ve got a winner!

Personally, I love the product, have used it since its inception in 2002, and recommend it because of the results I receive. I can’t tell you how many times I have experienced rapid relief from stress and anxiety, whether it be thirty minutes before a speaking engagement, or 30 minutes before an important meeting, or 30 minutes before bedtime (yes, it helps calm me for sleep, too!).

It’s for these reasons and more, I confidently recommend this natural stress relief supplement.

Disclaimer: Health statements on this natural stress relief page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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