Neck Arthritis is a Pain

Natural neck arthritis pain relief has been my personal goal since my lateral whiplash in 1991.

Arthritis of the neck (cervical spondylosis) is more common in people who have had neck injuries (like me). A less technical name for this condition is osteoarthritis of the neck or degenerative disk disease of the neck.

Pain is a warning. Neck pain and a stiff neck are common symptoms that are caused from muscles, nerves and ligament problems, as well as the bones and joints of the spine.

What is neck arthritis?

Neck arthritis results from abnormal growth (i.e., bone spurs (osteophytes or “nodes”), of the bones of the neck and degeneration and mineral deposits in the cushions between the vertebrae. Progressive neck pain is a key indication of cervical spondylosis and may be the only symptom in many cases.

Osteoarthritis is also known as a "wear-and-tear" disease primarily in older people who have neck and back pain. However, osteoarthritis can occur as a secondary condition in younger people due to injury, occupation, and excess weight, all of which cause the cartilage of a joint to wear away. Genetics, such as a congenitally narrow spinal canal, is another risk factor.

In my case, spinal vertebrae (disks) were forced out of place due to whiplash injury. This caused compressed nerve roots resulting in symptoms of neck and shoulder pain, tenderness, stiffness and headaches, especially upon awakening. I also experienced nausea, dizziness, tingling and numbness in the hands and fingers.

When the doctor’s diagnosis was neck arthritis, he prescribed non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Because I am chemically sensitive, I could not handle any drug whatsoever without experiencing side affects, especially stomach pain. That’s why I was forced to find alternative natural neck pain relief treatment.

Causes of neck pain

Everyday activities are the usual cause of pain. Some of these activities can be altered or eliminated to relieve neck pain and perhaps forestall the onset of neck arthritis. Some common risk factors include:

  1. Muscle strain or tension
  2. Bending over a desk for hours
  3. Having poor posture while watching TV or reading
  4. Placing your computer monitor too high or too low
  5. Sleeping in an uncomfortable position
  6. Twisting and turning the neck in a jarring manner while exercising
  7. Smoking contributes to degenerative disk disease
  8. History of trauma (hits and blows) to the head and forehead
  9. Carrying loads on your head
  10. Traumatic accidents or falls that cause severe neck injuries
  11. Certain contact sports
  12. Professional dancing and gymnastics

Prevention of neck pain

Here are a few things you can try to prevent or relieve neck pain and neck arthritis discomfort:

  1. Learn stretching exercises for your neck and upper body. Stretch every day, especially before and after exercise. A physical therapist can help.
  2. Use relaxation techniques and regular exercise to prevent stress and tension to the neck muscles.
  3. If exercise causes neck pain, apply ice to your neck after physical activity.
  4. Develop good posture, especially when sitting at a desk all day. Keep your back supported and straight.
  5. Adjust computer monitors to eye level to prevent continually looking up and down.
  6. If you work at a computer or for long periods at a desk, stretch your neck every hour or so.
  7. Use a headset if answering or using the phone is a main part of your job.
  8. Place documents in a holder at eye level when reading or typing them at your desk.
  9. Use seat belts and bike helmets to prevent injuries.
  10. Have a partner massage the sore or painful areas.
  11. When sleeping, make sure your pillow is properly and comfortably supporting your head and neck. You may need a special neck pillow. Make sure your mattress is firm enough.
  12. Consider purchasing an adjustable bed.

Diagnosis of neck arthritis

Proper diagnosis of neck arthritis can only be made by a physician. You should make an appointment with a doctor if your symptoms do not go away in a week with self care, or if you have numbness, tingling, or weakness in your arm or hand.

A doctor should also be consulted if you have difficulty swallowing or breathing along with the neck pain, or if the pain was caused by an injury that prevents full movement of your arm or hand.

One of the physical tests most doctors administer is to have you touch your chin to your chest. Your doctor will perform a physical examination and ask detailed questions about your neck pain.

Consider natural neck pain relief in lieu of drugs

If diagnosed with cervical spondylosis (neck arthritis) your doctor may prescribe non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to relieve neck pain. Mine did.

That’s when I discovered I can’t handle pain relief drugs, whether over the counter (OTC) or prescription. Instead of relieving neck pain, they caused other problems, like stomach pain, dizziness, sleeplessness and generally made my life miserable.

Most doctors prefer you stay on NSAIDs and use natural supplements as a complementary treatment. In my case, this was not an option as I was unable to handle even reduced dosages of NSAIDs.

There are many natural dietary supplements that may be helpful for arthritis patients trying to relieve various symptoms of the disease.

Make dietary supplements an investment in your health

You're making an investment in your health when you decide to try natural dietary supplements for control of arthritis symptoms. When you think of it in these terms, you won't want to waste your money on poorly formulated natural or synthetic supplements containing artificial ingredients, colors, sweeteners, . binders, fillers, etc. Instead, you want quality supplements that will be readily absorbed into your bloodstream.

You'll want a high quality dietary supplement with ingredient purity, potency, and guaranteed efficacy that your body's cells will happily feast on.

So how do you know if a supplement is high quality? To help me find a top-tier manufacturer, I devised a list of 30 questions concerning standards of excellence that led my husband and I to the company referenced in the Landmark Study below. It's the only one that we trust for nutritional supplementation

Only one dietary supplement company has a 20-year landmark study

There's only one natural nutrition company that can claim a 20-year clinical landmark study on its consumers that verifies from blood samples that its supplement users retained normal levels of blood pressure, HDL, cholesterol, triglycerides, C-reactive protein and homocysteine.

The 2006 study was conducted in collaboration with researchers from the U.C. Berkeley School of Public Health comparing one company's (Shaklee Corporation) supplement users to people who took either no supplements or other brands of multivitamins from different companies. For details, go to:

Shaklee has been in business for 60-plus years and is known as the #1 natural nutrition company in the United States. It has invested more than $250 million in clinical testing and research and has over 100 published studies in peer-reviewed scientific journals—more than any other nutritional company!

Featured trio of natural products for neck pain

In 2003, this industry leader introduced three natural joint health products that I've found highly effective for my neck arthritis. Best of all, I’m obtaining neck pain relief with no stomach bleeding, no stomach pain, no dizziness, no nausea, no side effects, and no worry about safety. You may want to try this "pain trio" to see if they'll work for you.

By the way, my husband's arthritis story related to osteoarthritis in both knees demonstrates how effectively these dietary supplements have worked for him as well. Over time, these pain supplements have markedly improved our flexibility of motion and reduced or eliminated pain, swelling and stiffness.

One of the products is a natural complex for chronic pain relief. This product either complements, or in my case, completely replaces painkilling drugs.

A second product is a natural complex for joint health improvement. This product has new, advanced formulation making it even more potent. Clinical studies show it beats out leading competition and works in as few as five days. This short video link gives details.

The third product is a natural pain relief rub that we think is the best found anywhere on the market.

We use each of the three supplements daily and can't imagine life without them.

For further details concerning their ingredients, click on three natural pain products.

From personal experience, I'm happy to recommend this very effective trio of products as safe natural remedies for neck arthritis--they work.

Neck Arthritis Disclaimer: Health statements for this neck arthritis page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease


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